Adam Carolla–We got to know Adam a little on Dancing With the Stars, and though he can be pretty abrasive and really not subtle, we admire his ability to tell it like it is while often being quite hilarious. We need him to stick around for awhile to be a commentator on all the expected craziness, and we think he’ll be around because dude is a serious entrepreneur. To wit, when his radio show got dropped, he just started podcasting from his garage, and is now one of the most downloaded on iTunes.  (MW)

Tia Carrere – True Fact: Tia is the reason why every guy my age is into Aisan girls. (Wayne’s World was a very big deal for us.) This isn’t her first time at the reality show rodeo – she was a contestant on the second season of Dancing with the Stars, only a couple of months after she had a baby. (She was spunkyfave Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s first celebrity partner!) She really hasn’t done much acting since the syndicated Relic Hunter about a decade ago. And yes, it is not an accident that Relic Hunter is, in fact, virtually a synonym for Tomb Raider. Mostly she’s been doing voiceover work, notably for the surprisingly durable Lilo and Stitch franchise. I remember she didn’t come off well on DWTS, but again, just had a baby. I really hope she does well – I am more emotionally invested in her success than I can rationally justify. Just the fact that she’s an attractive woman who’s had to play a love interest for Mike Myers, Jon Lovitz, and Richard Lewis means she’s paid her dues. (EJ)

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