Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Several Quicksteps proved to be anything but, and I was confused as to what exactly constitues Jazz dancing.  There was some good dancing, some awkward dancing, and Bruno acted out all of his critiques.  Andy Dick terrified children everywhere, and by “children” I mean “recappers”.  And we learned that Jacoby Jones is kind of hilarious.  And now, somebody’s going home.  But who?  WHO???

We open with a big pro number incorporating some of the B-Team.  There are a whole bunch of people on the floor, dancing to a song that Myndi could probably identify.  But she’s not here, is she?  I just know that’s an awful lot of people to have on the floor if none of them are going to be Anna.

From there, it’s on to a bunch of clips from last night.  There’s not much in the way of behind the scenes stuff, so mostly we’re just being reminded that some of last night’s dances were really weird.  And Bachelor Sean still looks like that guy in Mass Effect who stalks Shepard.  But we’re getting straight to some results.  Some kind of technical malfunction means that Brooke has to say Ingo and Kym are safe three times before they hear it.  Sean and Peta are also safe.  And so are Wynonna and Tony, which is a little bit of a surprise.  With all that, we have to put a couple in jeopardy, and it’s Victor and Not Anna.  Hey, I picked them to go home yesterday!

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