Last week, I came home from Disneyworld and the park followed me in the form of the show’s first ever Disney night. Tonight is all about “party anthems” and I think I’m about as qualified to judge dancing as LMFAO’s Redfoo (real name: Stefan Kendal Gordy, aka son of Motown founder Berry, in case you didn’t know), so I feel good about it!  The filler this week also included the now traditional halfway point package about “the journey”; a “Stars of Dance” interlude to “Animals”, a crazy EDM tune that is set in a Matrix-like dance club complete with with giant LED robots shooting steam out at the audience and a Redfoo performance that features him in some latex shorts.  My eyes!  Let’s look at some scores, shall we?  

Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy (40)–Their tango to Calvin Harris’ “So Close To You” is flawless to my eyes.  The spins near the end were supercool.  Len says it was full of attack and purpose, he’s impressed at how Meryl keeps up with Maks and then he compliments the choreography; Bruno calls it a “film noir” and a face off between two equally matched forces.  Carrie Ann says she’s speechless but can mange to talk about their magical partnership at length.  Redfoo says “ET phone home because that was out of this world.”  Lord.

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough (38)--Their jive to “Shout”  has better kicks and flicks than some people with actual feet.  They blew Redfoo’s mind, which I imagine happens about 12 times a day. Len calls it a fantastic performance but points out an “incident” in the middle, which looks like a fumbled arm pass of some kind.  Bruno calls her a superhero and Carrie Ann says she has the best kicks and flicks ever.

Danica McKellar and Val Chmerkovskiy (36) —Their cha cha to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is just an enjoyable, accomplished routine.  She is really doing well and should not be in jeopardy, as she was this week.  Redfoo says she put love in the club.  Tom calls him Carrie Ann and Bruno’s love child.  Shudder.  Len calls it the best of the night so far.  Bruno calls her a purring kitten and points out how hard all the changes of pace were and that she handled it well.  Carrie Ann says she’s in full bloom.  Erin interviews her while Val braids Danica’s hair.

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess (36)–They also had a cha cha to “Everybody Dance Now” and the last half of the routine done in black lighting with glow sticks.  So very 90s!  It is pretty slick. Charlie has great hips and arms.  Carrie Ann says he’s improved on hip action and calls it hot, sexy and funky.  Redfoo gives us a recap of 30 seconds ago.  Len loves his musicality, comparing it to toothpaste, and then calls himself old for not liking the blacklight stuff.  Bruno says they never lost the dance style despite the tempo changes and high concept.

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd (35) —Their quickstep to “You’re the One That I Want” is a  strong routine, but they took a risk by breaking hold to imitate some of the classic Grease choreography.  Carrie Ann calls him a real leading man,  but wishes he was a hair sharper on his footwork.  Redfoo compares them to crabs.  No comment.  Len says his footwork was heavy, he flexed his knees too much, and their was a rule infringement by going into shadow position.  Bruno calls it tough because it went between musical theater and classic quickstep, but their high scores show that all the judges just loved it.

NeNe Leakes and Tony Dovoloni (33)–An inordinate amount of screaming took place in rehearsals, but their salsa to Nelly’s “Hot in Here” was fun.  However, it was definitely out of sync in spots and a bit all over the place, at least to my little eyes.  Len says it was fun and entertaining but wants her to get lighter on her feet and improve her technique.  Bruno calls her one of a kind, but points out her shaky footing while complimenting her hip action.  Carrie Ann says she looked comfortable and calls it excellent.  Redfoo calls her an entrepreneur because she “owned that” and reminds us that he’s not here to judge technical stuff (no kidding) and thought it was hot.

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas (32)–This week marks the first time Mark’s ever amused me in rehearsal footage, so note the date.  They had a cha cha to Iconapop’s “I Don’t Care.” Well, she seems more confident, but it’s all very…careful and measured.  She never truly lets loose.  But she’s adorable and I love her.  Bruno points out moments of brilliance and good leg placement.  He says she’s switching on and off her electricity.  Carrie Ann sort of echoes that.  Redfoo adds pretty much nothing and Len looks like he’d rather be waterboarded at this moment. Len compliments her leg action as well and wants her to work on the fluidity of her upper body.

Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke (32)–They had to tango to “Superfreak” immediately following the same dance style being done to perfection (Meryl & Maks) and you can see it in Drew’s face and his hips, which don’t really swivel.  He seems to have forgotten some moves and is disappointed.  Bruno compliments the performance while downplaying the lack of technique.  Carrie Ann calls him a normal guy dancing.  Thanks?  Redfoo mentions Drew’s “stanky pimp face” and invokes Rick James.  Len compliments his committment while Drew admits he’s a dad at a wedding.

For better or worse, Drew and Cheryl are out after sharing the redlight with Candace and Danica, who weren’t necessarily the other cellar dwellars.  Man, the show is still pushing this 90s sitcom rivalry, aren’t they?  Haven’t we all move on already?  Did the right person go home?  Any predicitions on next week?  Sound off below!

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One Response to Dancing With the Stars Season 18, Week 6: Party Anthems

  1. Lostie says:

    So happy u enjoyed ur vacation in DisneyWorld, Myndi… i went there as a youngster and Loved it…i thought u was in the west but ur in the east, right?….

    Thanks so much for letting us know about Redfoo being Gordy’s son…i feel better about him now…but i was hating on him cause i didnt know who he was, lol….

    im loving the 80’s sitcom rivalry but Candace almost left this week so let’s see…i like how u describe what else happens in the shows cause i only watch the dances and the voting and the talking of the judges…nothing else…i fast forward everything else including the rehearsal footage, lol….

    i think Drew was the right choice this week…but next week, it has to be NeNe…im sick of watching her husband kissing her every single week during and after her dances, lol.. 🙂

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