As usual, in some ways it feels like the season has flown by, and in other ways, it’s been ages since we started this little journey, hasn’t it? The three finalists are reprising a favorite dance and doing a freestyle.  Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess (32 + 40=72)  Their Argentine tango was worth a 30 out of 40 the first time, so they want to improve that score.  Sharna is to be commended over and over for her inventive choreography, but it’s just challenging to score this fairly against the other two at this point.  Noah is greatly improved on his fluidity and presence. The lifts are impressive, even if the last one is a bit shaky.  Len thought there was improvement, while Julianne appreciates his increased confidence.  Bruno mentions ease of movement and musicality, but says the routine was a bit spoiled by that lift being off balance.  Carrie Ann says it was hard to watch because she thinks his nerves are taking over and causing him trouble.

Their freestyle is a very moving contemporary piece that chronicles Noah’s journey from his injury until now, set to “Titanium”, a song whose lyrics are ideal.  The dance makes perfect use of his strengths and eliminates his weaknesses.  The story being told is clear and it’s impressive. Len thought it was beautiful. Julianne calls it a celebration and liked how complete the routine was.  Bruno calls it poetic, truthful and meaningful.  Carrie Ann gushes some more like everyone else, but surprisingly, is not reduced to a puddle on the floor.

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker (40 + 40=80) I still can’t get over how perfect the Pirates of the Caribbean music is for a paso.  They are intense and sharp and hit every spot.  You can barely tell who is the pro.  Julianne commends Riker on controlling his energy; she loved it. Bruno mentions eccentricity which, of course, is his niche.  Carrie Ann says it just got exciting and Riker’s proved himself all over.  Len calls it swashbuckling and flamboyant and epic.  I think we know Len’s score, but Tom think he might go all Spinal Tap and bust out an 11.

Their freestyle is a fizzy, fun jazz and tap extravaganza with some hip hop thrown in for good measure.  Julianne tries to talk but gets caught off. It’s just as well since only dogs could hear her.  Bruno calls it “Astaire for a new generation.”  Carrie Ann loved it.  Len says it brought the past into the present.

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy (40 + 40 =80) Their week one foxtrot must not have stuck with me because I don’t remember such a weird tone being struck by the dark lyrics of “Take Me to Church” being mixed with foxtrot moves; this song is an odd choice, really.  But, it’s super good regardless.  Bruno calls Rumer dancing royalty.  Papa Bruce approves.  Carrie Ann calls it pure, exquisite poetry in motion.  Len says she had flair and just great dancing.  Julianne agrees that there was no timidness and tonight was flawless.

For their freestyle, Rumer is singing and Val is playing violin on a cover of “Toxic”. First of all, good singing by Rumer.  Secondly, great execution of a cool dance.  Bruno says it was lucious and intense.  Carrie Ann says she’s a dancer’s dancer.  Len calls it both pure and brave.  Julianne calls it dynamic, raw, real and honest.

Well, it certainly looks like this one is being picked almost completely by audience vote.  The scores hardly matter, even for underdog Noah. We’re fine with either Rumer or Riker taking it home.  How about you?  EJ will be back tomorrow for a recap of the big finale, complete with insane amounts of filler.

See you then!


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