We’ve reached the Season 27 Semi Finals with six couples, so we’re going to get down to four couples by the end of the night. In round one, each celeb is dedicating their dance to someone and for round two it’ll be a Judges’ Choice of a style the teams have already done.

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess (21 + 24= 45)  Bobby reminds us that he has so many fans, and he calls them his “people”. Remember that for later. For their salsa, there are so many troupe members and an SRO audience that we barely get to see his feet throughout.  He’s fighting like crazy to stay in this with all his energy, but it’s not exactly a typical salsa. Len says it was fun and he attacked it. Bruno reminds us it wasn’t much of a salsa, but it was a good show. Carrie Ann reminds us that this is actually the Semis, so she has to point out he was off beat.

Len helps Bobby with a jive for round 2 and the result is a shameless pandering to the head judge complete with a giant Len head on the floor that Bobby makes a snow angel next to, followed by the reveal of Len’s face on a t-shirt, which Bobby admits he didn’t even tell Sharna about.  Len says his kicks and flicks were “pretty good”. Bruno compares him to a cricket, saying his legs were too wide, but at least he kept in time. Carrie Ann says it was improved, which it really better be compared to week one.

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten (28 + 30 = 58) Their first dance is a waltz that Alexis dedicates to Alan for all that he’s taught her this season.   Do we ever sees waltzes that are steamy? Because that was kinda steamy. Bruno points out how beautiful her turns are.  Carrie Ann notes her maturity in the dance, but she puts on her Lift Police hat. Len says it was graceful and elegant, but did not have enough waltz content.

Their second dance is also a jive, with Bruno as their coach.  Their routine is a jive in an aerobics class with half the pros, and it’s 80s style since the song is a deep cut from Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  Bruno calls it brilliant.  Carrie Ann says it was great. Len loved the concept, and says the dancing was fabulous.  

Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson (22 + 24=46)  Their contemporary dance is dedicated to the women in Joe’s life.  It gives Jenna a lot of chances to show off her strength and Joe pulls her through a lot of lifts, but not much else. Carrie Ann says she was impressed, and basically says Joe didn’t distract from Jenna’s performance. Len: “You didn’t do much Joe, but you didn’t do much very well.” Thanks? Bruno calls Joe a “strong, solid, slightly wooden frame for Jenna.”  Well, that’s certainly damning with faint praise.

Joe’s lowest score was on quickstep.  He’s trying hard to keep up here and he acquits himself nicely on a tough dance. Carrie Ann saw improved steps and frame, as did Len, but he critiques his posture.  Bruno calls it a proper quickstep with control and musicality.

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Cheryl Burke (30+ 30=60) They dedicate their Argentine tango to his mom, who just fought through breast cancer. The routine is fast and aggressive and features some incredible kicks at the end, culminating in an amazing lift that is kind of breathtaking.  Len actually stands up for them, he loved it so much. Bruno calls it authentic and is wowed by the finale, as was I. Carrie Ann says it was in a class by itself.

Bruno has selected a salsa for them and it’s pretty much perfect.  His shoulders and his hips are moving in unison per Bruno’s instruction. Bruno makes sure to compliment Cheryl’s choreo.  Carrie Ann says it had everything happening. Len calls him “the midwife” because he keeps delivering. He then delivers this gem: “If you’re not in the Final I’m going to go home and pickle me walnuts”.

Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe (30+ 28=58) They dedicate their first dance to a director friend of hers that died from ALS a year ago.  The contemporary routine is for once an upbeat bit of choreo as a tribute rather than something sad.  Bruno says the storytelling was fabulous, Carrie Ann calls her a warrior and Len says it was polished and he loved it.

Len advises them on foxtrot, which was a disaster on week one.  It looks like a proper foxtrot to me, and it’s entertaining as well.  Len says the quality of dance along with her technique and movement have improved a lot.  He says something went wrong, but everyone else seems baffled. Bruno says she finishes her movements much better now.  Carrie Ann says she was overwhelmed watching them dance; she loves the partnership.

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson (27+ 28=55) Their Argentine tango is dedicated to his mom, actress Camryn Manheim. It is certainly as dazzling as Juan Pablo’s but it is different, and Carrie Anne says the same.  Len liked the intensity. Bruno calls it stylish, sharp and strong.

Carrie Ann helps them improve their cha cha from week one. Milo looks much more in control this time and like a real leading man.  Carrie Ann says it was a little wild still, and not quite there. Len says there’s a joy about his dancing, but he points out some leg issues.  Bruno liked the jazzy flourishes and how Milo hit the beat.

Now, time for the results: After Alexis, Joe and Juan Pablo are put it jeopardy, it is finally time to bid adieu to Grocery Store Joe and, wait, what the hell, Juan Pablo?!  How big IS the audience for this Bobby Bones radio show anyway? The audience is booing and even Bobby is giving a thumbs down. The judges are distraught and I wouldn’t want to run into Cheryl backstage tonight. This is definitely one of those times I’m glad the only winnings here are bragging rights and a stupid mirrorball, because if there’d been money for charity involved or something, I’d be furious. Juan Pablo was definitely robbed!

EJ will be here for the final dances as we wrap this thing up next week, and find out if Len really went home and pickled his walnuts!

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