You guys!  It’s a new season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS).  I am very excited, so let’s just get started with the show.  Hey, Tom Bergeron!  How does Jimmy Kimmel broadcast his show?  Is it on tape delay or is it…  LIIIIIIIIIVVVE!!!  Tom and Brooke Burke-Charvet (Yes, she’s a hyphenate now.  How fancy!) take the stage, and waste no time in bringing out the couples. 

Hi, Maks!  Hi, Cheryl!  Hi, Anna!  Chaz Bono walks down the stairs awkwardly, which does not bode well for his performance.  Nancy Grace is frightening when she smiles.  DWTS has a brand new set.  There are three levels of seats, stacked up like the opening of The Muppet Show.  The band is at the top of the stairs, and the floor just looks bigger.  Somebody got Extreme Home Makeovered, that’s for sure. But when you are one of the best TV shows on TV you get the upgrades to your set.

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