Bruno says she has the moves and needs to believe in herself.  Carrie Ann says she needs to work on remembering the choreography.  Len says it was neat, but lacked flair.  He calls it “underwhelming”.  She gets a 16, which means she’s beating an actual professional athlete.

David Arquette and Kym Johnson (18/30) – Wow, remember when he got involved in the WWE?  Kym looks fantastic, as you’d expect.  David explains that he’s doing the show because he’s been sober for eight months.  He seems very earnest, but there’s something about him that just ain’t right.

Viennese Waltz!  And they are dancing to Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, because they are aiming for the EJ vote.  It’s full of big moves and nice extensions, and it’s very swirly.  Sometimes David messes up and he looks at his feet like he’s not mad at them, just disappointed.  I think I like it, but I might be distracted by the song and Kym’s pretty dress.

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