David assures us that he got lost in the dance, which is kind of funny.  Carrie Ann enjoyed it and loved his vulnerability.  Len likes that they didn’t mess around and just got to it – he was impressed.  Bruno tries to be supportive but just makes fun of him.  Bruno’s talking crazy.  They get a strong 18.  I can’t tell if I like David or if he creeps me out.

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy (15/30) – She is pretty and has a sexy accent.  I’m glad that she’s on my TV.  Val trash talks his brother, Maks, which is exactly what I want from this season.  Chmerkovskiy Civil War!  They have problems with the language barrier – her English is not great.  This has the potential to be hilarious, you have to admit.

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