They’re dancing the Cha Cha, and Anna looks crazy hot.  Carson is wearing a hilarious suit, and this dude is commited!  He’s not the most coordinated guy on the planet, but there’s a lot of entertainment value, and the dance is enough fun to hide the issues with his footwork.  He busts out some Mick Jagger moves, which is always awesome.  I’m not objective here, but that was great.

Carrie Ann calls it her favorite dance of the night, by far.  Len hopes that they don’t go home because it was so entertaining.  Bruno loved the entertainment value, even if it wasn’t that, technically, “good”.  They score a 17, which seems low to me. Carson is happy to  be in the double digits, and he is also happy to have the best partner ever.  I would totally fistbump Carson if I could.  And now, EJ’s got to do some voting!

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