Carrie Ann concentrates more on his joy than his dancing.  Len liked his attitude, but doesn’t really talk about the dancing.  Bruno calls him cute and cuddly.  I get that Chaz is sort of the big story of the season, but they could at least reference his footwork, right?  They get a 17, which is a little out of sync with the judge’s gushing, but I’d rather the scores be more accurate than the critique.

I’m betting on either Ron or Nancy to go home – they didn’t do well, and they have new partners.  That’s always a disadvantage with the voters.  Elisabetta is a good bet to go out, too, but I think people like the idea of multiple Chmerkovskiys, so Val might bring in enough votes to keep her safe.  Myndi will be here tomorrow to bring you the DWTS results and plenty of filler!

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