Their first dance is the Cha Cha, and Ron’s wearing a fedora, a spangly vest, and no shirt.  There is a surprising amount of groin thrusting at the beginning, and he and Peta are rarely in hold.  It is not very good.  He’s doing crazy things with his arms, and he’s got Frankenstein feet.  It’s a really weird way to start the show.

Len already seems defeated, calling his footwork atrocious.  Bruno calls him “Ron the Dance-a-tron”, and is vaguely encouraging.  Carrie Ann says it was wrong “for all the technical reasons”, but it was fun.  Ron has symbols dyed black into his dyed blonde hair.  I think some of them are letters and I’m supposed to be able to read it, but hair is not a great medium for legibility.  Ron gets a 14, though he asserts that he should have gotten a 12.  Well played, Artest.

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