They’re dancing the Viennese Waltz, which is kind of a gift on the first week.  Nobody’s going home for a Waltz.  Rob seems to have trouble placing his feet, and he loses track of Cheryl’s arms.  It’s not bad, exactly, but it’s more like bouncy walking than actual dancing.  He’s doing a good job of projecting though.

Bruno is out of his seat for the first time this season, and said he lacked musicality and needs to show Cheryl who’s boss.  Khloe heckles him.  Classy!   Carrie Ann sees potential.  Len is neither impressed nor depressed – it’ll get him through a couple of weeks.  He gets a 16.  Brooke asks Cheryl is Rob will outlast Kim, and Cheryl says he has “so much more potential”.  Hey, Kim is sitting right there!  Or possibly Kourtney.  Don’t start a fight, Cheryl!

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