Carrie Ann says she has great movement and a body for ballroom.  Len said it was “bright and lively”, but it didn’t live up to the rehearsal footage.  Bruno talks about her hips and “hot action”, and then he gives helpful advice in a way that still sounds crazy.  Who thinks Kristin and Mark will be the first couple to make the tabloids?  She scores a respectable 19.

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani (22/30) – Hey, when did we start calling William Baldwin “Billy”?  Anyway, he is very supportive of his wife.  Which is nice.  It would be awkward if he were all like “Team Ricki!”  She and Tony have fun in rehearsal, and the man is clearly thinking that he dodged a bullet this season.  Whether she can dance or not, she seems nice and normal.

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