Another Viennese Waltz!  She starts out on her own, which is a risky move.  When they finally connect, it turns out that she is really good at striking poses.  Tony kind of drives her around the floor, but when they separate, she does a great job of staying in sync.  There’s one of those split-twirls that probably has a name, and I really liked it.  That’s a heck of a first week dance!

Len says it wasn’t the best first week performance ever, but it was close.  Then he busts on Tony a little, which is always funny.  Bruno loved it and says she needs to be a little more steady.  Carrie Ann calls it “gorgeous”, and then says a lot of dance terms that I can’t spell.  (Professional recapper coming through!)  She gets a 22 – she and Tony are deservedly thrilled.

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