Nancy Grace and Tristan McManus (16/30) – Let’s see how many clips for The SoupNancy can generate.  I was not ready to seeNancy’s cleavage, and now I can’t unsee it.  Tristan is ridiculously Irish.  I suspect he may be able to lead us to a pot of gold. Nancy demonstrates what she knows about the Cha Cha to a stunned Tristan.  (She knows nothing, it turns out.)  She makes fun of his accent.  They argue about sexiness.

And now it’s time for the Cha Cha, and she is notably better than Ron Artest.  She’s putting in some shimmy and everything.  A lot of it has her picking up her feet and putting them down again to simulate dancing, but they keep moving and cover a lot of ground.  I was anticipating a train wreck, but it was actually kind of decent.

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