Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Elisabetta Canalis couldn’t overcome her lack of name recognition and poor dancing skills, and she went home.  That’s two of the three couples with first-time pros – does that mean Nancy Grace is next?  Well, we won’t find out tonight, so I don’t know why I’m even speculating right now. 

Hey, Tom Bergeron!  Can you give me a homonym for a word that means “to continue to exist”?  Oh yeah….  LIIIIIIIIIVVVVVE!

Tonight, the stars tell their stories through dance.  You know, some of those stories are a little more dramatic than others.  Like, J.R. Martinez and Chaz Bono could have some really intense productions here.  This could get uncomfortable for everybody.  (“I’m using the Cha Cha to tell the story about the time that I GOT BLOWN UP!”)

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