Len does not care for the “Beyonce stuff”, but he thought the rest was fabulous.  Bruno calls her a devil woman.  Carrie Ann says she did “pretty darn good”.  They liked it better than I did, but they probably don’t watch The Soup as regularly as I do.  Well, Bruno probably does.  She gets a 24.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (24/30) – The judges weren’t wild about their Jive last week, and I seem to remember it was pretty crazy.  Hope’s most memorable year is this year.  Well, I guess the year you’re in is, by definition, easy to remember.  And it was a really good season of Breaking Bad, so I can’t dispute the choice.  Also, something about the World Cup.  I love watching Maks rehearse with his partners, because he has this weird tactlessness that somehow gets results.

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