Len calls it a great job.  Bruno says he brought sensitivity to the dance floor.  We cut to Courtney Cox and one of the Arquette sisters.  I was hoping it was Rosanna so I could mention that she was the basis of that Toto song, and then contrast it to Courtney’s own experiences with 80s music in that Springsteen video.  But I think it’s Patricia and I’m too tired to come up with a Nicolas Cage joke.  Carrie Ann calls it “pure joy”.  He scores a 24, which seems a little high.

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya (23/30) – Last week, Carson did not do as well with the judges as I’d hoped and Anna was lovely.  The critiques gave Carson flashbacks to gym class, and I totally get that. Carson’s most memorable year is 2003, when he went and got famous.  He talks a little about his childhood and feeling out of place.  Anna built the dance around Carson’s sense of style, which should be a hoot.

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