They’re dancing to “It’s My Life”, which is not the song I thought it was.  (I assumed the Van Halen version.)  They’re playing to Carson’s strengths here – he seems a little stiff but then there are sudden bursts of activity, and it’s a neat effect.  I tend to prefer a more traditional Tango, but this is lots of fun.  And in the last seconds, they do that pose where Carson is supporting Anna’s leg, but then he pulls her shoe off and she drops to the ground.  HA!  That was actually a funny dance, and I really liked it. 

Bruno calls it “insanely brilliant”.  While he’s talking, Anna extends her leg over her head and I briefly pass out.  Carrie Ann says “I love you!” and Carsonyells back “I love YOU!”  She even praises his technique.  Len says he put the “boy” in “flamboyant”.  Hee.  He enjoyed it.  Oh man, the judges are happy!  They get a 23, for their best score yet.  To the phones!

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