Nancy Grace and Tristan McManus (21/30) – Last week, she got Len’s highest score of the night and also flashed her areola.  Her most memorable year is 2007, when spunkybean was founded.  What, that wasn’t the reason?  She actually had a very difficult delivery of her twins this year, and she cries talking about it.  We also see her adorable children, who probably have no idea that Mommy once hounded a suspect in a criminal investigation into committing suicide.  (Man, I’m mean today.)

They’re Waltzing to “MoonRiver”, and I understand this is an emotional song for her, but it’s totally a wedding dance.  Tristan is dancing with his mother at the reception.  There’s just no flow to her movements, and Tristan is driving her around the floor as best he can.  A cut to the balcony shows Tony explaining to Chynna what they did wrong (or so I assume from his hand gestures). 

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