Len says she needs to work on her posture but thought she showed the emotion of the dance.  Bruno wants her to link her movements more.  Carrie Ann, though, was “transported”, and she saw forest animals watching her dance.  I don’t know anymore.  She gets a 21.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer (18/30) – Chaz’ most memorable years is this year.  For reasons you can probably imagine.  He’s going to dance to one of his Dad’s songs, which is sweet.  He’s inconsistent in rehearsal, and it’s making Lacey crazy.  Well, more than usual.

They have a Rumba, and the guy singing the song is trying too hard to do a Sonny Bono voice.  It’s sort of the perfect song for Chaz, though.  Their dance is nothing special, though.  Chaz rarely moves his feet and his arms are never where Lacey think they’re going to be.  Plus, and I might be dim, there’s not really a story in the dance.  The emotional content comes from the song.  I give it up for Chaz for trying so hard, but he’s not a hoofer.

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