They’re dancing the Rumba on a stage where they’re maybe overdoing it with the fog machine.  I can never wrap my mind about the Rumba, because I can’t really picture what it’s supposed to look like.  Aside from that, it’s a good dance, but maybe not as smooth as they’ve been in the past.  I think Ricki is struggling with the trickier choreography.  Luckily, Derek is basically the male Cheryl with the way he can distract from that.  It was good, but I guess I wanted it to seem more, I don’t know, musical?  Is that a valid thing?

Bruno thought it was dramatic and Ricki “at her best”.  Carrie Ann says that Ricki’s “on fire”.  Len says it was a great routine danced well, and compliments the both of them.  She gets a 27, which is not messing around.

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