They’re dancing a rumba to a Tim McGraw song about a soldier who doesn’t make it home, and usually those kinds of songs gross me out a little.  I hate when musicians sing about military heroism in first person, thus inflating themselves.  You didn’t do any of that, McGraw, stop singing like you did!  And Lee Greenwood, you have a chance to stand up and defend her still today – nobody’s stopping you!  Sorry for that digression.

This is a weird criticism, but I don’t think Karina is as good at finding the story in a dance as some of the other pros.  This could be really powerful, but she’s grinding him.  That said, he’s really doing a good job here – the man glides!  His footwork is really nice, and it’s very emotional.  But if he’d been partnered with Cheryl or Kym, it would have been one for the books. 

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