Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas (24/30) – Everybody was kind of disappointed with her last week, but Kristin turns it into a thing where Len is just mean.  Mark does not need encouragement in that direction.  Her most memorable year is 2005, when she moved to LA.  Kristin has never once known hardship or even inconvenience. 

They’re dancing the Samba to that Beyonce song that I’m pretty sure plays in the strip club in Grand Theft Auto IV.  I might be wrong about that, though.  This actually looks like it would be their reunion dance when they return for the finale – it’s just got that feel to it.  Kristin totally gets away from Mark when he’s trying to get back in hold at one point, and there’s some awkwardness from her whenever too many moves are strung together.  The audience, including Young Chris Izaak, really likes it but I was not wowed by it.

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