Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Maks had a good point to make, but made it by criticizing the “judges” for being “judgmental”, and than followed up by declaring that he made the show what it is.  Somewhere, Mark Ballas is all “Dude, pick your battles”.  Other stuff happened in Broadway week, including a swell group dance, but that all got kind of overlooked. 

There’s also been some controversy that Chaz Bono’s feelings are hurt because Bruno compared him to a penguin (which Chaz interprets in the opening segment as “fat troll”).  First off, penguins are hilarious and adorable.  Second, find somebody who Bruno hasn’t compared to an animal or variety of animals.  It’s kind of what he does.  This is turning into the kind of ridiculous thing where nobody wants the judges to say anything negative, even though that’s their entire job.  Though in Chaz’ defense, being compared to a penguin is what drove one Oswald Cobblepot to a life of crime.

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