Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Gladys Knight lost a Jive duel to a man 47 years her junior.  Motown legends performed, and America worried about Martha Reeves.  Smokey Robinson?  Still awesome.  It was another injury-free week, which should not be so surprising when it happens.  And yet, it is.  Hey, Tom Bergeron!  Can I get Mass Effect: Lair of the Shadow Broker in stores or do I have to download it from Xbox… LIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVE!!!!

It’s Classical Night on DWTS, which means I have less chance than ever of recognizing any of the musical selections.  We open the show with a violin performance of…  a piece of classical music.  Performed by a man who appears to be a young Dave Barry.  See what I mean?  There’s a big dance number which has the B-Team dressed as fancy lords and ladies.  It’s a nice performance – different from a lot of the Troupe numbers.  Oh, turns out it was choreographed by one Anna Trebunskaya.  Yay, Anna!

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