Len says he didn’t like it enough to be kind and says there was no real footwork.  Bruno says the content was good but the execution wasn’t great, and his arms were weird.  Carrie Ann compliments the storytelling but says it can get a little “cringey”.  They get a 24.

And now, it’s the Team Dance, one of my favorite events of the season!

Team Tango (Katherine/Mark, Maria/Derek, Kym/Jaleel, Roshon/Chelsie) — There are way too many perfectionists on this team.  You’ve got Mark and Derek, and they’re basically obsessed with winning the team dance.  Man, those two in a room together…  That’s a lot of ego to cram into a tight rehearsal space.  As their dance starts, they’re all pretending to play violins before they go into hold.  They have only a short group dance before the individual performances.  They all do well individually – not really much you can pick on.  They’re nice clean tangoes, though they might be a little too similar.  Stacking one on top of the other isn’t really gaining anything.  Roshon and Chelsie actually have the most memorable number, thanks to her crazy pretzel legs.  The group dance at the end is pretty neat.  I liked it.  So did audience member George Lopez.

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