Len calls Maria and Roshon the standouts, but thought technically a lot of it was bad.  Bruno liked the group choreograpy and compliments Roshon and Katherine.  Carrie Ann calls it “incredible”.  The group gets a 27, in the unusual 10-8-9 configuration.

Team Paso (Donald/Peta, Melissa/Maks, Cheryl/William) – This definitely seems like the more fun team.  They make fun of the other team for being tiny.  Hee!  Between Maks and William, they have two bad ankles on the team.  William doesn’t want to take his shirt off, which Maks attributes to insecurity.  They start the dance with the men dragging their partners to the center of teh floor, and their opening group number is quite nice.  Melissa and Maks know they’re the weak link on the team, so they just attack their solo.  William and Cheryl are hot, and Donald and Peta kind of dominate.  The ending piece has all three men shirtless – their sync is really good.  I really loved watching this one.  I’m such a sucker for the paso.

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