They’ve added eighteen musicians and five vocalists to the DWTS crew, which is starting to make the band area look like the opening of The Muppet Show.  Mark is already shirtless, and Jaleel is wearing… that’s not a Nazi uniform, is it?  Because it kind of looks like one.

Let’s get to the dancing!

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas (27/30) – Katherine sang at their first Classical Night last year, FYI.  They’re going to be dancing the Rumba to “Canon in D” (Thanks, Mark!)  She’s more comfortable this week, because it’s music that she knows.  Not music that fits a Rumba, necessarily.  Per Mark, “You can’t spell ‘classical’ without ‘ass’.”  Thanks for keeping it classy!  Or ‘cly’, if you prefer.  Tom calls their wardrobe Game of Thrones: The Musical.  Hee!  Mark is, as noted, shirtless.  And he’s wearing a cape.  And he has text tattooed on his side.  Did we know that?  The dance is lovely, but it doesn’t seem like a Rumba.  She’s almost statuesque, while it seems like Mark is trying to smut it up.  Lacking in Latin flavor, but some of her poses are just gorgeous.  There’s an extension toward the end that your local ballet could use on the cover of their summer program.

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