Len calls it a classic Rumba, and he knows more about it than I do.  Bruno calls her unobtainable and says she belongs in a museum.  But he would have preferred it raunchier, to get his “juices going”.  And now, try not to think about Bruno’s juices.  (Tom:  “The spigot’s always open”.)  Carrie Ann thought she lacked passion but her lines were beautiful.  She gets a 27.

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (21/30) – Tom mentions twice that Maks is injured, and it turns out that he has a cyst on his ankle.  This isn’t like Maria having a stress fracture – this is potentially career-ending for him.  Nobody says that, though.  It’s possible I’m being overly dramatic.  He gets his brother Val to sit in on rehearsal so that he can take over if need be.  He really looks like he’s hurting here – I’m actually worried.  That said, Maks is her partner for the Argentine Tango.  In fact, he starts off the dance by lifting her over his head and carrying her around for a bit.  This is one of her better dances – granted, I’m an easy sell for the Tango.  But I think Maks had to ease up on the choreography a bit for his own sake, which means that Melissa is finding her comfort zone rather than struggling to catch up.  It’s very strong, and at the end she marries a mannequin.

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