Bruno compliments his drive and passion.  Carrie Ann says she didn’t see a lift, but felt like there might have been one.  She loved the “regal quality”.  Len says it was terrific.  Donald loves being on this show so much – it makes me happy every time.  He gets a 27 – the third of the night.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough (30/30) – There’s a weird tension in the rehearsal footage, and in an interview Maria cries about not being as good as his past partners.  Like when they’ve partnered him with professional dancers?  I swear, next season they’re just going to partner Derek with, I don’t know, Anna or Kym.  They’ll be dancing my favorite dance, the paso doble.  Maria has fangs and Derek tries to stake her.  Symbolism intentional, I’m sure.  They do a nice job of making the dance look like a struggle, which I mean as a compliment.  Maria’s a little wooden, though – it’s like for her, “intensity” and “stiffness” are one and the same.  I liked it better than most of their dances, but they just don’t sit right with me.

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