Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Latin Night turned out to favor the Latin guy.  William Levy, Katherine Jenkins, and Donald Driver dominated.  Actually, Maria Menounos’ scores put her near the top, but I’m not buying it, for whatever reason.  The first Dance Duel resulted in the elimination of Gavin DeGraw, who probably would have been eliminated under the old rules, too.  Tonight, get ready for Motown!

Hey, Tom Bergeron!  I’ve used this one already, but do you know how they’re airing this week’s episode of 30 Rock?  It’s… LIIIIIIIIIIVVVVE!!!!  We kick off the show with Smokey Robinson performing “Tracks of My Tears”, and his unblinking eyes freak me out.  Next, it’s Martha Reeves and “Dancing in the Streets”.  Real talk, guys.  She sounds terrible.  Not to go all Simon Cowell, but this sounds like bad karaoke and I feel sorry for her.  They can not cut this off fast enough for the visibly uncomfortable backup singers.  And then, it’s The Temptations, one of whom now looks like the guy who married Mac’s transsexual ex on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  And then Brooke says everybody will be dancing to Motown songs “performed by the artists who made them famous”.  They can not keep making Martha sing!

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