Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  It was Motown Night!  Motown legends performed, and the producers did their best to hustle Martha Reeves out of there as quickly as they could.  There was also a Dance Marathon, which was a lot of fun.  It was another night when everybody did a really good job and nobody was actively unpleasant.  This year’s group is surprisingly functional – even Mark hasn’t freaked out on the judges yet.

Hey, Tom Bergeron!  I had a long day, any chance you could give me a freebie?  You can?  Thanks!  It’s LIIIIIIIVVVVE!!!  The band kicks things off with a Motown Medley.  We get some of the B-Team, along with Louis Van Amstel, Lacey Schwimmer, and Val Chmerkovskiy – I think the group numbers work better for Motown than the dances last night.  Many of them were very good, but there was such a disconnect between the dance and the music.  Nobody does the Tango to the Four Tops, you know?

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