Next up, it’s a discussion where the pros talk about the various stars.  It’s strange that Mark says Maria Menounos has been “flying under the radar”.  This isn’t Big Brother – that’s not how the show works!  Cheryl mentions that Derek doesn’t really care if Maria is injured, she should be able to get 10s.  She says this with no small amount of admiration.  Oh, also Cheryl says that Donald Driver hasn’t peaked yet, but it’s coming.  Well, with one week left, that ain’t a bad position to be in.

Brooke talks to Katherine about the fall, but they have technical difficulties.  So we see the video from last night, but Brooke and company don’t, and they’re talking about it as if we’re not seeing it, addressing a snafu that doesn’t actually affect the viewers.  Anyway, Tom blames something “in the grassy knoll” for the fall.

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3 Responses to Dancing with the Stars 14 – The Finalists Revealed!

  1. Myndi says:

    Julianne is dating Ryan Seacrest. He hosts that American Idol program you never watch. On a related note, Carrie is hands down the biggest person to come out of Idol, but she’s a star in your other weak area, Music Made In The Last Decade. 🙂

    I’m so excited that my conspiracy theory about Donald is holding up, including Cheryl saying he hasn’t peaked yet! He’s totally getting a 10 from Len next week and his first perfect score.

    I am also glad that Derek didn’t make the finals, because these other three couples were better, IMO. Next week is going to be fun. Team Driver!

  2. Anne Price says:

    I thought Maria was really good and it would be Donald. But I really like Donald too. I would like to see him win but I think Latin boy has a huge popular vote.

    Also, whenever I see Taylor swift, I say to my mom, “Is she the one from American Idol?” Except see can’t sing.

  3. Don Kowalewski says:

    Hey. Julianne was on American Idol last week. It was hilarious. She was promoting a movie. She made it onto Idol …she’s going places.

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