Previously on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars – We had a couple of nights of really good dancing.  No elimination last week, so we’ve got two weeks worth of dancing and voting figuring into tonight’s elimination.  There’s a lot of math involved, frankly.  Let’s just get to it, because the results are… surprising.

This might be kind of a brief recap, because thanks to a DVR meltdown at Myndi’s house, I had to stop watching Sons of Anarchy to write this, and the tonal whiplash is making me dizzy.  Right off the bat, we jump into the encore dance – it’s Apolo and Karina’s Viennese Waltz.  It was nice last night, but they talked too much about him showing his emotions, and now I can’t stop thinking that he studied the pain chart in the emergency room and is trying to recreate it with his face.

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