Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  The Stars took over as creative directors (to clearly varying degrees), to occasionally awesome results.  They all “reinterpreted” iconic dances from the show’s history, which was a nice bonus for longtime viewers.  Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough gave us Bruno’s favorite dance of the entire series (US and UK versions).  Bristol Palin and Mark had a total blowout and then the judges still acted like she had blackmail material.  Seriously, we’ve seen Bruno in the Elton John video.  What could possibly shame him at this point?  And now, we’ve got a double elimination!

So, the first hour was a performance recap.  Given that Myndi already recapped the actual performances, I’m not going to re-recap their recap.  So let’s pick things up at the one-hour mark and prepare for some actual results.  Eventually, at least.  They’ve still got an hour to fill, after all.

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4 Responses to Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars — Double Elimination Night

  1. Myndi Weinraub says:

    I am PISSED. At least the chances are strong that she’ll look utterly preposterous doing a ‘Rock N Roll” themed dance.

  2. cheri says:

    I am so mad that Drew was eliminated this week. Yes, he was a bit rusty, but he is a great dancer. I cannot believe Bristol is still in the competition over two champions. I watched the results last night on my Hopper after I finished my shift at DISH. The PrimeTime Anytime automatically records my primetime shows for me, so whenever I forget that it is on it will always be on there. At this point in the competition, I love Shawn Johnson and Apollo, but I am saying this now if they go home I am done watching the show.

  3. HoH8 says:

    Im gonna take ur own words from yesterday and say “THIS SHOW IS OFFICIALLY A TRAVESTY”

    OMG…i heard that Bristol was getting death threats from what happened…she should keep her shotgun loaded, lol…

    @EJ…best way to watch the Results show is by DVR-ing it and skipping through all that junkie music and dumb talks….

    and how bout BANNING that Dish person thats all over the place with different usernames talking bout Dish all the time….

  4. EJ Feddes says:

    Yeah, that needs to be dealt with. The ironic thing is that in the area where I live, Dish is supposed to be dropping ABC this week. You know, the channel that this show is on.

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