Steve Guttenberg–While he’d still probably have no real chance to win, every season needs an elder statesman, and there’s been no contestant in the show’s history who was so happy just to BE there more than The Gute! And, though he’d fall into that older demo, he’s still charming and young enough that we don’t feel like we’re watching Grandpa boogy down at a family wedding. And he’s put together enough that we don’t get the Drunk Uncle vibe either. He’s that cool uncle that really means well is always fun to hang out with at the BBQ. (MW)

Stacy Keibler – We’ve already had one of George Clooney’s exes, so maybe it’s time to bring the current holder of the position back.  It seems like the audience never quite connected with Stacy, and that might be because it was only Season Two, and she was a kind of dancer we hadn’t seen yet.  Namely, the pose-y dancer.  She couldn’t compete with the explosive energy of Drew Lachey or Jerry Rice, but she had excellent lines and some very striking poses.  (And all these years later, we finally understand what Len means when he talks about lines!)  For the longest time, the winners were a very specific kind of dancer (energetic young-ish dudes), and it would be interesting to see how she’d do a second time.  Would she be more popular with the audience?  Would the judges be less rapturous now that they’ve evaluated a bigger group of celebrity dancers?  Would Clooney show up in the audience?  Let’s find out! (EJ)

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