Joey McIntyre–When he competed way back in the first season, the boy bander became an afterthought in the now quaint-looking battle between soap star Kelly Monaco and the dashing John O’Hurley. In any other season, both of those contestants would have likely finished well behind Joey, who also had one of our favorite and most unappreciated pro partners in Ashley DelGrosso. Just because someone’s faith won’t permit them to strip down to practically nothing for a performance doesn’t mean they’re not awesome, show! (And we’ll still never forgive Master P. for breaking her spirit!) (MW)

Misty May Treanor–The reigning queen of Olympic Beach Volleyball, Misty broke our hearts when she had to withdraw. One of the few stars to have a season ending injury, Misty was also part of the supremely odd Season 7, so who knows where she would have finished had she not ruptured her Achilles tendon. But we’re sure it would not have been 10th. We also liked watching her transformation from tomboy to Glamourpuss, which wasn’t nearly as awkward as it’s been with some of the other female athletes who’ve appeared over the years. (MW)

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