Previously on Dancing with the Stars:  Ralph Macchio had a bad week.  He ruptured a cyst, and should probably not even be dancing.  But this is a guy who took down the Cobra Kai – nothing’s gonna stop him!  Chelsea Kane called partner Mark Ballas out for fighting with the judges and making her look bad.  And Hines Ward got arrested for driving his own car.  I am surprised that this wasn’t mentioned during the show.  Could it be that TMZ exaggerated the importance of this story?  If so, everything I once held dear is now in doubt.

They led off with a recap of the best results show performances, and it seems like we’re getting a pre-results show recap show every week now.  It sure seems like ABC forgot how many hours were in a week when they set up their schedule.  Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke kick off the show with the encore, and this time it’s Kirstie Alley and Max doing the Argentine Tango.  This was not the best dance of the night by any means, but it was good, and the audience loves them some Kirstie, so it’s a pretty good choice. 

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