Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke– (22/30)  They danced a cha cha cha to “Walk Like a Man” from Jersey Boys. Kris Jenner and all her stupid plastic surgery stopped by to make things all about her for a couple minutes, because she doesn’t like when the children are on TV without her for too long.  Anyway, the mics onstage during the routine are distracting.  There is practically no hip action to speak of.  Lamar Odom  was clearly annoyed he had no basketball to play while Kim and Khloe screamed like banshees. “Give him a 9!”  Of course that was Khloe.  Lord, are they annoying.  Len says is was crisp and precise but there was no rhythm and it was too stiff and starchy, not “oily” enough.  Bruno wanted Rob to be more impactful and powerful.  Carrie Ann says he had charisma, but last week was still better.  She then tries to make an analogy about Rob growing up on the dance floor that sails over his head.

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2 Responses to Dancing With the Stars, Season 13–“Broadway Week”!

  1. EJ says:

    I think what got lost is that Maks had an actual good point for about two seconds. He mentioned that “some people” are seemingly being judged on their effort, even though everybody is putting forth a lot of effort. (Meaning “Chaz is getting a free ride”, basically.) But then he blew it by complaining that the judges were judgmental and that he made the show. And, you know, bringing it up during judging is all kinds of inappropriate.

  2. Myndi says:

    Totally agree. His timing and peacocking overtook his actual valid point. Even Mark Ballas has been more tactful with his whining, which is saying a lot.

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