So, tonight, we found out who our final three contestants will be.  Hint: none of them have won gold medals for playing soccer.  The encore is Rob’s samba.  I guess they rented the inflatable rainbow for two days.  Gotta get their money’s worth!

Rob did not expect a 10 on his samba.  Based on the samba rolls alone I’d say he didn’t deserve it, but it’s in the same script that calls Rob the “darkhorse”, so I have to go with it.  Just an observation:  It’s a little scary to watch Bruce Jenner attempt to convey emotion.  I hate to admit it, but Rob & Cheryl are sorta cute.  And he’s obviously well-liked.  J.R. told him, “Way to close the show!” after the cha cha relay.  Then, Rob told J.R. he loved him.  Aw! Who doesn’t love J.R.?

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