Cobra Starship (featuring Sabi) sang a song called “You Make Me Feel”.  Oh, I thought this song was just called “La La La”, so I’ve officially learned something new today.  OK, Cobra Starship is automatically awesome because they have a keytar player.  Also, they appeared to be singing live while Kym and Tristan danced with a couple other troupe members.  Man, there was crazy strobe action.  I feel like this performance should have had a warning beforehand for epileptics.

Hope was a delight behind the scenes, and my guess is that she would have gotten a whopping zero viewer votes if this footage had been seen last night.  She told the judges to kiss her “booty”, said they meant nothing to her and, after their tango,  “I don’t even want to look at them.”  Maks forced her to look.  After that routine, she said,  “What we did, nobody else can do, so give us your little 8s.”  Wow, someone has a MASSIVE persecution complex.  It is not a flattering look.

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