Carson helped in wardrobe this week, including shopping for fabric.  (This sequence made me realize he’d put a welcome jolt into Project Runway, by the way.)  His best line came at checkout: “Put this on my tab, it’s under Beregron.”  He sewed Maks tiny sparkly shorts and smacked his ass, yelling “be sexy!”  on show night.  Even if he doesn’t replace the Brookebot, can we have him as a permanent correspondent?  It’s not as good, but it’d be a start.

The Design a Dance still exists, try as we might to forget it.  The good news is that Derek and Anna were chosen to dance a paso to “Bad Romance”.  Anna wore a strappy, studded black leather costume with a bare midriff, crazy side pony and a skirt that was almost a cape.  If I don’t hear from EJ sometime this evening, I’m going to send someone to check on him.

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