And then there were The Muppets!  Gonzo joined Tom in sweater vest and tie to introduce Kermit and the gang.  How cute is Gonzo?!

Kermit played piano with Miss Piggy and Walter, the new Muppet, singing a song from the new movie.  On the floor, in windows reminiscent of the original Muppet Show, we saw Bunson Honeydew, Sam the Eagle, Rolf, Swedish Chef (I’m slowly adjusting to the fact that he has human hands, but it’s taken a year!), Scooter, Animal and Beeker moving behind a whole troupe dressed as something out of a street scene in Annie.  Or something.  Doesn’t matter, really. And there’s Pepe the Prawn, complete with a gold chain over his turtleneck! (hee!) Oh, and Fozzie!  Finally, Tom went to Statler and Waldorf at the judges table! I loved the entire vaudevillian thing to the point of happy tears.  Don’t judge me.

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