Ricki had a good night.  J.R. twisted his ankle again. He was determined to gut it out, not that we should expect anything less, given what we know about J.R.  (“Fuck it that my ankle hurts.  I can still dance!”)  He clearly dropped her on the last lift and he was so mad at himself and in so much pain.  Ricki was deadly serious waiting for results until she was told she’s in the finals.

Tom and Brooke reminded us that this was “not necessarily” the bottom two before announcing the obvious; that Hope and Maks were toast.  She said she was grateful for the amazing opportunity and Maks thanked her for her determination and also thanked the fans.  What was I noticing at the end?  Just that Maks and Karina still avoid each other like the plague.  Yeah, it can’t really be too much fun working with your ex-finance.

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