Hey kids!  It’s week 2 of this young season, and things are still pretty crowded.  Let’s get right to recapping our “stars” in order of how they ranked in either their quickstep or jive! Ricki Lake & Derek Hough (23)–It’s entirely possible that even when Derek does the same showboating moves as Mark, I don’t mind them because I think he’s hot as hell, but I also think it’s at least partly because he does it more in service to the overall routine…he knows when to pull that stuff and when to leave it aside.  Tonight, he opted to go with a jacket and no shirt, and I found it quite courageous of him.  The split was a bit much, but he got some back when he had Ricki pull him up from the floor by his belt.  That was awesome.  Their jive to “Hey Ya” by Outkast even featured Polaroid-like pictures on the giant screen behind them, which was a cute touch. Ricki did well to keep up, and looked great doing it.  Len was disturbed by a couple of steps.  He liked their sense of attack and fun, and at some point, calls Derek a “sausage”.  Bruno says she was the first to do the kicks and flicks correctly.  Carrie Ann calls it the best jive of the night so far.  Ricki announces that she’s lost 12 inches in three weeks and says she loves her partner. Brooke jumps in, all “I love you too, Derek!” trying to remind us she had him first, but no one cares anymore.

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