Well, a few things were certain last night.  We pretty much knew that Katherine and Mark (who’s getting British all of a sudden, again and also going to some poor girl’s prom?), Donald and Peta (who sort of sounded British with their exchange of “Well done, Donald!” “Thank you, Love.”) Maria and Derek (who earned the season’s first perfect 30 and scored the Encore Dance over one of the teams getting it) and William and Cheryl (who just wanted to wave to the “little girl”–aka Jackie Evancho, opera prodigy) were going to be safe.

What we weren’t sure of was which TV icon, the one from the beloved 70s era show or the slightly less beloved but even more ubiquitous 90s era show, was going to be in the dance battle with Roshon and Chelsie.  Roshon’s been in the bottom three times now, so my guess is that these dance duels are the only thing that’s kept him aroud this long, which is a bummer.  The kid’s charming and pretty talented, even if his pipecleaner limbs are a bit reminiscent of those inflatable dudes that you see outside of car washes.  Melissa’s sticking around totally due to fan support at this point, and that’s OK with me as long as she doesn’t crack the top 4.  I take that back…I’d almost like to see her crack the top 4 if it means Maria is out at top 5, because Derek needs to be humbled just a little bit. 

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