Welcome to the most competitive finals ever!  Is it any coincidence that it’ll no doubt be followed by the most shocking rose ceremony ever?  We don’t think so.  But, seriously, tonight was the most technically impressive set of three finalists to grace this ballroom, and the result was a zippy, fun hour that brought both cheers and a few tears at my house.  My conspiracy theory remains intact, as Donald seemed to pick not only at the right time, but the precise second that he needed to peak in order to win this thing.  And Len’s blow up over what we’ve been noticing about William’s dancing all season long seemed a bit sudden, but we think it’s all part of the script. Tonight, the finalist all re-did a style of dance the judges thought they could improve upon and the ever-popular freestyle round.  Tomorrow will be one more scored routine before tonight’s audience vote is added to the mix and a winner is determined.  So how did it go?  Or, as Brooke Burke Charvet might put it, how did everyone feel?

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