It’s the DWTS Semi Finals! It feels like this season has zipped along, probably because there hasn’t been some awful person we’ve had to endure from surviving elimination unjustly or a bunch of subpar performances. Just about all of the couples could have been a finalist in most previous seasons. As it is, each of these final four couples is damn good, and it’s pretty much up to the viewers who goes home. Each has to do two new routines tonight. Celebs like winner Hines Ward, Christy Brinkley, Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews from the Packers are there, as well as Kym Johnson and Julianne Hough in their civvies! We also got to learn a bit more about all four of the competitors, and it turns out they each have a compelling story that involves overcoming varying degrees of stuff. It’s a big night, so let’s get to it!

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