William Levy & Cheryl Burke (58/60)

William grew up quite poor in Cuba which he says makes him work harder. His stepfather was a political prisoner and therefore was able to get political asylum in the U.S. and leave Cuba via plane, rather than the much more dangerous boat route. When they hit Miami, his chiseled abs and jawline were his ticket to helping himself and his family. Now, he’s the biggest star in Latin America.

Tango–Man, is William’s jacket tight. That’ll be a theme for him  tonight. For an actor, I feel like William is having a bit of trouble nailing the character of the dance. He’s really focused on the technique, like he’s worried he might forget something. Len: “I’ve not been this excited since my mother put me in long trousers”. Len says he wanted a slightly tighter hold, crisper movement and for him to be less flat footed. Bruno talks about animal magnetism and being on top and calls him “ace”.  Carrie Ann talks about his “shanays” (some kind of turn and not that one female character Martin Lawrence used to play) and over-rotation and gets booed for daring to critique William. (28)

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